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Just Survive

This fictional-documentary created is centered around the theme of: lost, survival, dangerous, and becoming familiar with a new environment. This body of work is about the unknown in a world through the photographing of my day-to-day real world. Both the landscapes and the still life images inter-relate which is shown through a feeling of security and protection. This is shown by having buildings present in the images.  While the landscapes depict the new world that the survivor whose presence is being shown though the writing has become accustomed to the matter of survival becomes a priority. Survival consisting of being self-sustaining and being able to act on instinct in difficult situations.

Time is being used to show the progression that the survivor we are following in the story is still trying to make his way to safety or making his way to civilization one place at a time. We as the viewers are looking at the story of a survivor in this world seeing what he sees.  By reading and listening to his stories of his triumphs and of his loses in the journal entries that accompany the images. 

My work emits the feelings comfort and discomfort; because we are accustomed to our world but this is a world that has been destroyed by a single unknown event.  Please indulge yourself to see and appreciate what the survivor is experiencing knowing that these images were taken in our world.

Get Away
Clean up
Moving on
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