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“Blinding flashes. Sounds of explosions. We’re trying to get confirmation… my God. We do have confirmed reports of nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania.”

 This was the last telecast Northeast residents heard before heading to their nearest fallout shelters. It was the end of the world as they knew it. Nuclear warheads sent from the Far East reached the main land of the United States. On a warm Sunday afternoon, with his wife and infant son, Nathan Jones didn’t expect that his world would change forever.

After being knocked unconscious in the shelter due to pure chaos and paranoia, Nathan was in a coma. His body later put into a cryogenic pod. It wasn’t until 200 years later in the year 2240,  that due to an electrical malfunction Nathan awoke to find he is the only survivor of his fallout shelter. Nathan leaves in search of his previous home. Of the few things to be recovered, miraculously, is a family scrap book. Remembering the past, Nathan is filled with hope and perseverance. He decides to add to the album, documenting and writing about what he finds in the new wasteland he’s awoken too. Amongst the scavenging, Nathan finds a well-preserved camera. Nathan’s personal philosophy is well documented from those who got to know him in his “second” life. “It’s better not too stick to one’s guns or to drag one’s feet so to cling to what one’s known and avoid change. Perhaps the best solution is to try to adapt to change, to make oneself useful in the new world he’s found himself in. People who can, are the ones who survive.” This wasn’t the world Nathan wanted, but it’s the one he has.

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